Our Caring Staff

The Fieldcrest Manor staff love what they do and are uncompromising in their standards of compassionate care for residents.  Many caregivers find that residents become like family members to them and residents appreciate the kindness and compassion of the caregivers in their daily lives.

The staff is very nice—and attentive. I really like all of the caregivers.
— Mary - Resident


Before Laura graciously accepted the position of Administrator for the Fieldcrest Manor community, she spent 12 years as a caregiver at the residence. After earning an Associates degree in Medical Assisting, she spent some time working with some of the physicians that the residents currently see, which is very helpful when it comes to their care and fully understanding their needs.  Laura has three grown children and one very special grand-daughter, who she spends most of her weekends with.  Laura grew up in Manitowoc and has remained there for most of her adult life.  She enjoys the quiet lakeside community that she calls home.

I enjoy working closely with the residents and staff and giving the residents the best possible care. Since I have worked with the residents and staff for a number of years, I feel like I have gained their trust—as well as the trust of their family members.


Julia started as a caregiver at a young age and has been in the field for more than 30 years.  She is certified by the state in many fields, including PCA, Med Tech and CAN.  Through the years, she assisted with the care of her grandmother, and later her mother, along with other family members.  

With each and every person I meet and work with, I enjoy that they all have something to teach us or leave with us that brightens and improves our lives.  They hold a wealth of knowledge inside to share and they are very important and special people.


Tammy has been in the nursing field for 24 years and is a certified RA, CNA and Med Tech.  She is married with seven kids, eight grandkids and twins on the way.

I am a caring and giving person and treat people like they are my own family.


Lisa started at Fieldcrest Manor in 2009 caring for residents, then in 2015, she started cooking.  Lisa was born and raised in Two Rivers. She is married and lives on a small farm where her and her husband raise grass-fed beef and chickens.  

I really enjoy interacting with residents and coming up with new recipes by getting input from them.


Pamela has been working at Fieldcrest Manor for six years and prior to that, she was a nursing assistant for 10 years.  She also worked at a memory care facility for four years and is certified in memory and Alzheimer’s care.  Pamela was born and raised in Chicago.  She is married (44 years) with two sons, six cats, two parrots, and a toy poodle named Kelcey, who comes to Fieldcrest Manor on holidays to visit with residents.  In her spare time, Pamela serves holiday meals at her local senior center and volunteers at the Salvation Army.  She also enjoys cooking and baking.  On special occasions, Pamela brings cupcakes for the residents and staff.   

The residents are like family members. We really get to know them and they us.  I enjoy my job very much—it’s challenging but very rewarding.